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Complete Spiritual Cleanse

Spiritual cleansing from the root...

Society as a whole has been bought up on the tenants of their elders in which one is told to remain positive but even this can be such a hard thing to maintain if one understands the true impact of a negatively spiritual state. The natural world around us is derived from the divine law of balance suggesting the work of a much higher consciousness than ourselves, an architect, a designer, a Creator. As the body falls in line with the disposition of the human spirit, it is integral we aim to reach a state of balance within ourselves and only then can peace truly be achieved.

The hard and fast reality is that our own spiritual state is dependent upon the state of our mothers upon whom we are incubated for the 9 months of gestation. If the spiritual state of the mother is not at 100% then this would also have an impact upon the spiritual development of the fetus as in this formulation we are extremely sensitive to even the slight chemical changes in the body – this is how it is understood that a child can be born today with withdrawal symptoms if the mother has been taking hard drugs during the pregnancy. This imbalance of spiritual energies may also explain how post natal depression manifests and these are all conditions being experienced which must be treated with sensitivity, integrity and respect.

We live in a time where we spend more time looking after our material possessions than we do for the condition of our own spirit and soul. We all have a duty to ourselves to look after what has been given to us from the blessings of abundance including the earth and all contained within it.

Before a Complete Spiritual Cleanse is undertaken, we would review the spiritual state of the whole household including the property by means of a spiritual interference check. The sensitive checks review any ancestral energies which may be causing the imbalance of the spiritual state to gravitate towards the negative spectrum. In addition, life blockages are also identified and in turn we are able to offer a bespoke spiritual service as no two households are the same.

You, your family and your home all deserve to be spiritually liberated and to live life free from the affliction of negative energies.