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Q7 Revival Meditation

Learn to be in the moment and just breathe...

In such a fast paced world it can be extremely difficult to find time for oneself with all the daily turmoil’s of life taking its toll on the body, the spirit and the heart. We are bombarded with the latest craze in digital social programs that simply just don’t offer a much more permanent solution to sustaining peace within ourselves. Why has it become so difficult to maintain focus when we have everything at our very fingertips?

The reality is that we are all beings of energy with the composition of our physical bodies being from the very world we live in and negative energy is real force from within the unseen dimensions that is constantly bombarding us akin to background radiation. The spiritual state of most individuals (which itself is dependent upon many factors most significant being ancestral spiritual links) is in a negative state. This does not mean the individual is a negative person but they have a vulnerability within their spiritual state which the essence of negative energy can have much more of a profound effect resulting in many physiological conditions.

The Q7 Revival Mediation is a classical ancient meditation technique which harnesses the power of the senses to bring alive the spiritual heart within. It’s essence is even older than all the religions of the world. The technique is an integral part of our complete spiritual cleansing program and it focuses heavily on the spiritual significance of the number 7 within it’s practices and principles.

The number 7 is relevant to all religions and faiths of the world. We are to understand that there are 7 heavens stated in the The Holy Qu’ran. In the Old Testament, the world was created in 6 days and The Creator rested on the 7th. The Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita is precisely 700 verses. The Q7 Revival Meditation is comprised of both guided and unsupervised meditation processes which all differ in result dependent on the needs of the specific individual.

Seek your true spiritual potential and let it culminate your life to a much more enjoyable human experience. Enquire today about upcoming events to change you for the better.