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Corporate Space Cleanse

You affect your environment and it affects you...

A home is a designated space in which to call your own. A sanctum to grow a family and to live out many pleasant experiences. It is a place of comfort and safety to suit all manners of lifestyles. The home is a given volume of space which takes up presence be it whether on a street or the middle of forest. Like all things in this world, it is also susceptible to changes in energy as everything in the known and unknown universe is.

The corporate space is an environment that every working individual is familiar with and employment in a trade or other has been a staple part of our human collective experience for as long as the world began. The term corporate is not restricted to only the premises where a business is operating it’s head office from, but it marks the space in which any business activity is undertaken that is not effectively a home environment.

A typical home will not have a multitude of different bodies coming in and out. A home is not somewhere there are strict sales targets to meet. A corporate space when you stop to reflect has to go through all of this on a daily basis. The spiritual energy surrounding commercial premises takes a spiritual beating day after day after day. One cannot also discount that each employee would be under their own spiritual afflictions whether it be from home, their relationships both personal and business and their perception on life itself.

It is not hard to see why a corporate space could generate a very toxic spiritual environment in a short space of time. The Corporate Space Cleanse is a program is designed to help everyone who is part of the team operating from within that environment by removing and cleansing the harmful energies that have accumulated in the commercial space. Negative energy affects everyone within the workplace and it the responsibility of the employer to ensure that their employees are working in a safe environment – as this will lead to more a more productive workforce.

The Corporate Space Cleanse can be tailored to meet the requirements from them perspective of the business owner and our Association can also provide bespoke spiritual meditation workshops to further boost awareness and morale to your team.

Enquire today to see how much of an effect negative energy is having on your business productivity and let us help you to pave the way to a lighter and brighter commercial journey.